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Blucher's myspace

Jezz: you should get a myspace
Jezz: so that i can have you in my top friends lol

Ali: lol how
Ali: blucher has one, lemme find it

Jezz: who?

Ali: nic's cat

Jezz: lol his cat?!
Jezz: ahahaha... i want to add it
Jezz: LOL i found it... he has to add me back before i can see it though

Ali: how do i make his profile not private?

Jezz: oh, click home, and click account settings, then next to privacy settings click "change settings"

Ali: ya
Ali: oh... its because hes under 18

Jezz: oh okay.. make him older
Jezz: put it into cat years

Ali: lol hes not even seven cat years old

Jezz: haha dammit

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